3 Entrepreneurs Who Became Successful After Facing Failures

3 Entrepreneurs Who Became Successful After Facing Failures

We bet that no one on this world like rejections. But, do you know that there are successful entrepreneur starts their business with rejections at first? Yes, failure isn’t the end, unless you let it be. And these great entrepreneurs below never let failure live in their life. 

Today we want to share some success stories of people who lived through failure before they become famous. Let’s see. 

Stephen King 
The best-selling writer’s first work was rejected 30 times and lead to King throwing it in the trash. But thankfully his wife made him keep working at it and you know the rest, Carrie was born. 

Milton Hersey 
When you see Hersey, do you imagine a box of sweet milk chocolate? Before Milton Hersey launched his own candy business, he had worked for a local candy factory. But when he wants to go out on his own, unfortunately he failed miserably. Then he returned to the family farm and perfected the art of making milk chocolate candy. 

Walt Disney 
Surprisingly, Disney began his career by being fired by a newspaper for not being creative enough. After that, his Mickey Mouse character was rejected because it seems too scary for women. The other rejections came when The Three Little Pigs turned down because it only had four characters. Disney chose not to listen to any of his critics and press forward his dreams, then the lovely Disney company born and become the greatest cartoon company today. 

To become like them, you have to learn and learn more about business itself. We recommend you to take classes at the best management university in Singapore and get bachelor degree in UK. After you get the best education from there, you’ll ready to face your failure and starts your own business. Good luck and build your dream!

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